Nexus Metal & Alloys


Solid Copper Earth Plates

We are situated in Mumbai(India) and we have a well-developed network that assists us in reaching any destination. To maintain high-quality standards, we make certain that the assortment of products is kept safe with utmost proficiency. We keep the products well stacked in order to avoid any damage.


Details :

  • Nexus solid copper plates are mainly used for grounding purposed earthing protection.
  • They provide a long lasting solution where earth rods are not fit to be used.
  • Nexus offers it's customers a wide range of solid copper plates.
  • Also known as earth plates or ground plates, which is fabricated out of electrolytic copper.


Product Code Thickness(mm) Length X Width(mm) Weight(kg)
NCP60015 1.5 600 x 600 5
NCP60030 3 600 x 600 11.2
NCP60060 6 600 x 600 22.4
NCP90015 1.5 900 x 900 9.74
NCP90030 3 900 x 900 21.75
NCP90060 6 900 x 900 43.5